Projector Rental Customer Testimonial

Projector Rental Customer Testimonial
Traveling for business in this day and age isn’t easy. Crazy airline rules limit what I can carry onto a plane. I work for a major retail company and I’m always traveling around the country, checking in on our stores and making presentations to individual store and regional management teams. I generally travel with my personal laptop, on top of my clothes and other items I’ll need for those few days or weeks I’ll be away from home, and that alone has me with my hands full at every security checkpoint.

When I first started traveling to these meetings, I made the mistake of assuming the stores and offices I was traveling to would have the proper equipment on hand. I needed a projector for my Microsoft Powerpoint presentations and you can imagine my embarrassment when I found they didn’t. It seemed so unprofessional to ask for equipment when I am supposed to be a leader in the company and I felt totally unprepared. That was a really bad week.

I started looking into buying a projector but I just couldn’t afford it. Not only that, but I couldn’t imagine having to carry it around the airport with me, in addition to my other items. I was just about to give up when a friend suggested I visit the website I did and was surprised to see a company that offers not only Projector Rentals but computer rentals (both desktop and laptop), plasma TV rentals, and other technology.

I knew I’d be traveling to Miami the next week, so I put in a call to one of their Tech Travel Agents. I gave her a little bit of info and she gave me a reasonable quote for a projector rental and promised to have it at our Miami office on the morning of my presentation. Not only was it ready and waiting for me, but I didn’t even have to set it up. And when the meeting was over, someone came and picked it up; I didn’t have to lift a finger. From now on, anytime I travel, I depend on to help with my technology rental needs.

– Dana Rizzoli, Assistant Vice President of Major U.S. Retail Company

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