Renting an Internet Kiosk

Renting an Internet KioskAn internet kiosk provides unattended access to web applications and other electronic information.  They serve tons of purposes all over the world.  In the United States, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security uses them for immigrant registration purposes at airports and other locations, and in the UK, there are thousands of kiosks located all over the cities to help people find jobs.   Many stores use them to aid people who are looking to fill out job applications and many banks and service providers use them aid people in paying their bills.   The post office uses them, movie theaters use them, trade show exhibitors use them, and even airlines use them.   You may have used one and weren’t even aware that an internet kiosk was what you’re using.

Have you ever thought about using an internet kiosk at your business or corporate event?  Maybe you can’t afford to purchase this type of technology but would like to give it a try.  If this is the case, you should consider renting one.   By renting an internet kiosk, you save money, you guarantee yourself quality equipment and quality service, and you can have it delivered anywhere you need it, anytime.

Here is a look at some of the reasons why people rent internet kiosks for their business or corporate event:

  • Welcoming Visitors
  • Gaming
  • Product Video Demos
  • Surveys
  • Signs and Maps
  • Automated Registration
  • Information Stations
  • Floor Plans and Booth Locators for Trade Shows
  • Ticket Sales and Dispensing
  • Advertising
  • Collecting email
  • Many More!

You can also rent internet kiosks with accessories:

  • You can rent a standard kiosk with a touch screen
  • You can rent a kiosk with a card reader
  • You can rent a kiosk with a headset
  • You can rent a kiosk with a web cam
  • You can also rent a customized configured kiosk

For your longer-term needs, you can even lease an internet kiosk.  If you’d like more information on renting an internet kiosk or any other type of temporary technology, visit today or call 800-736-8772.

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