Technology Rentals for Every Event

The technology rental industry has gone through many phases since was launched 25 years ago (see our full history here). Back then, the equipment that could be rented and the locations that could be serviced were all very limited. Today, can service over 1500 cities with just as many different products. offers a technology rental that is suitable for every event, no matter the size, location, or need.

Training/Classroom Rentals
The job of setting up computers for a classroom or training seminar often falls on the instructor themselves. Rather than having the added stress of finding equipment, setting it up, making sure it works, and then tearing it all back down, instructors can utilize the resources of Whether it’s desktops, laptops, or tablet computers, can deliver, install, and break-down everything on site so that instructors can focus on what they are there to do: teach.

Watch one of our Rental Advice videos to see what goes into setting up a classroom training session:

Trade Show Rentals

Drawing attention to a trade show booth is no easy task; it takes an outgoing personality and a visually appealing booth setup. may not be able to help with the outgoing personality, but they can help draw in visitors with plasma displays, pipe-and-drape, and kiosks. Other technologies to use within booths are also available, like iPads, laptops, and wireless internet.

Other Events can also help with other event rentals like: conventions, conferences, meetings, computer labs, and breakout rooms.

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