New Moga Ace Power Controller Could Make Mobile Device Gaming Easier

MOGA_ACE_POWER_slicedDay in and day out we deal with different types of stress from different areas in our life. Most of the time, though, it would seem that our stress comes from our work environment with all of the meticulous duties our job may entail. One of the best ways to pass the time or even reduce stress is by gaming. Studies have even shown that this, among several other benefits, all can come from just playing a video game. Even on the go. The way the we play our games on our mobile devices have always been slightly limited, though, due mainly to functionality limitations from the device itself. Your phone or tablet was your controller without being an actual controller, and dealing with touch screen response can get a bit tiresome.

Well for our Apple heads out with with the latest iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, and the fifth generation iPod, your prayers may have just been answered. Enter in the new Moga Ace Power Controller. All aimed to make your experience with mobile gaming better and more enjoyable.

The overall design of the controller has obviously been suited for prime mobility and even has a button layout and overall form of a gaming console controller that many veteran gamers can get used to easily. Coming standard with L1, R1, L2, and R2 buttons, dual analog sticks, a D-pad (directional pad), and the four button map, it can offer precision controlling with very minimal effort for even the most advanced gamers out there. Games like first-person shooters, driving and racing games, and even more quirky games all flow so much better when an actual controller is involved, and a responsive one at that. The controller itself “slides open” so that your iPod or iPhone may fit snugly into the controller’s cradle and offers a lightning connector for your device on one side of the gaming device.

There unfortunately has been some reports of the controller not working up to its par, which should be disheartening for those addicted to mobile gaming. For issues with the device, Moga has suggested that consumers give the reset button a try using a paperclip.

It may not be the most attractive device out there to help with your mobile gaming experience, but the Moga Ace Power Controller is definitely suited for any person addicted to mobile gaming. And quite honestly think about it. If you are on your flight waiting to head to that meeting that will decide if your promotion will become official, you would not want to add to your stress by not being able to play your mobile game the way the developers intended you to. The controller could be a great holiday gift this year for any techie on the go, or anyone with a high stress job who is willing to give gaming a try, despite some issues with the controller.

The Moga Ace Power Controller is priced currently available for reserve from their site at $99.99

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