Apple May Be Rolling Out Two New iPads Next Month

Apple iPad Air

Apple just had a huge event followed by the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, and all of that excitement was apparently not enough. They are reportedly planning another huge product launch next month, which is when two new iPads are supposed to be revealed.

A report from Apple Insider says that the company has been working on a project that has marketing deadlines for the middle of next month, which would lead up to a big event at the end of the month. There have been rumors for a long time about them releasing two new iPads, and this is around the same time that those were expected to be unveiled. And I mean, what in the world else could it be?

Also, Apple has a schedule that they seem to follow. It doesn’t really change from year to year, so you can kind of pin point what is going to happen each year. Last year, they announced two new iPads on October 22nd, and they went on sale officially in November. Chances are, this year will be pretty similar. Although, that doesn’t keep us from being excited and feeling surprised anyway.

Everyone is expecting a new version of the iPad Air and a new version of the iPad Mini, both with the new A8 processors like the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have. That will be a pretty big upgrade that will boost performance significantly. They will also probably give them the fingerprint scanner and the Touch ID feature that came out with the iPhone 5S, so it’s about time.

The new iPads aren’t the only thing that will probably be announced. It is expected that OS X Yosemite, the new operating system for Macs will launch around the same time as well. This is also around the same time that OS X Maverick came out last year, also with the release of new iPads.

There probably wont be any new MacBooks yet though because the manufacturing of the new processors they will be using got delayed. BUT, they did just upgrade their whole line of MacBooks significantly and even dropped the price despite all of the upgrades. So you can’t really be mad about that.

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