Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Chromebooks, And It Is All Cloud Based.

Chromebooks have quickly become a really great option for people on a budget who still want to get things done. Students are a great example of this. Now, as if Chromebooks weren’t already an awesome option for the money, they just started looking a whole lot better by partnering up with Adobe. Chromebooks are going to have their own special version of Photoshop that is going to be cloud based. It will be available to students and teachers who use Chromebooks in the classroom.

photoshop-chromeThey are calling the program “Project Photoshop Streaming”. Right now it is still in beta, and is available to select Creative Cloud subscribers. Both companies involved say that the streaming version of Photoshop is going to have pretty much all the same tools and features as the regular desktop version of the software. It is really nice that it is cloud based as well because photoshop is a pretty big program and a lot of computers have trouble running it. This version will be able to be accessed from the Chrome browser on Windows devices.

Another perk to this is the fact that it will always be automatically updated. You will never have to install an update ever. There is also no need to download files, upload files, re upload files, none of that. All of your work gets saved to the cloud directly from Photoshop.

creative cloudTo start with, this will only be available to a certain number of Adobe Education members that have a Creative Cloud subscription in North America. If you qualify, you can apply on your own behalf or on behalf of your institution on Adobe’s website.

This kind of changes the game when it comes to computers in the classroom. Classrooms generally need a ton of computers for their students and staff to use. Chromebooks were never really an option before, because first of all they are pretty new, and second of all they really couldn’t do much. But Google has really been stepping up their game since the Chromebook first hit the scene. There are new apps a cool things coming out for them all the time. This actually makes Chromebooks a really great option for bulk rentals. They are cost effective and becoming more useful every day.

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