Apple’s Huge iPad Has Been Canceled For This Year

apple logoOk, so everyone was really excited about the huge new iPad that was supposed to drop this year. It would have been great, especially for business use and being productive on the go in general. But, on October 16th, Apple is going to have a huge announcement about their smaller tablet. They are expected now to announce their new iPad Air and iPad Mini, but apparently we’re not going to hear anything about the new big boy we were expecting.

The Wall Street Journal has said that Apple is going to push back the release of the 12.9 inch iPad to next year. They said the reason being is that there is a way bigger demand for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus than they even expected, and they are just going to focus on meeting those demands for a little while.

177776578The demand for the two new iPhones is way more than ever before, and the amount they are producing right now isn’t cutting it at all. In order for them to put the new 12.9 inch iPad into production they would have to take even more from a source that is already straining to keep up. It looks like the best we’re going to get this year is a 9.7 inch iPad.

ipad airs

Although it is disappointing, it does make sense. They have already sold well over 10 million new iPhones, which is record breaking. There has been a lot of talk about how iPad sales are going down the drain lately, and let’s face it… The iPhone 6 Plus is basically a tablet that can make phone calls. So whats the point?

The rumors of the bigger iPad were a little bit more than rumors. They all came from reliable sources, and Apple has already started making deals with tons of companies to supply them with the bigger iPad with special apps to help them run their company. But now that this is happening, we might not EVER see the 12.9 inch iPad. All anyone can really say at this point is that it is going to be a disappointing winter for everyone who was dead set on picking one of them up.

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