Cradlepoint Wireless Network Solutions For Killer Events!

With the recent FCC ruling declaring convention centers can’t block WiFi access, we are seeing an increase in WiFi router usage in the business world. One of the more popular wireless internet devices that business professionals are using is the MBR95 from Cadlepoint.

The MBR95 is a 3G/4G/LTE wireless router that supports most wireless data modems from the leading carriers. In addition to that, this product can create secure WiFi with solid in-class encryption and also comes with free firmware updates, one-year hardware warranty and up to two-year additional hardware warranty.  Moreover, the MBR95 also has an effective WiFi range of 600 feet.

The way the router works is simple. Connect it to a 3G/4G mobile modem, which allows you to get the most out of your data plan. Most WiFi-enabled devices don’t support USB 3G/4G data modems. When you connect your modem to the MBR95 you have the ability to securely share your data plan with as many as 32 people or devices.

  • Technical Specifications include:
  • Wireless “N” WiFi (802.11n + legacy 802.11b/g, 2×2 MIMO, 300 Mbps)
  • Up to 600 feet of WiFi Range
  • Supports up to 32 WiFi Connections at a Time
  • Two WiFi Networks: one private SSID for owner, one public SSID for guests. Create a private, secure, and prioritized connection while sharing with others. Each network can have its own security settings.
  • Four Ethernet ports to connect directly to Ethernet-enabled devices
  • Special Feature: Use WiFi as a Data Source. “WiFi-as-WAN” mode enables the MBR95 to become a WiFi repeater (using existing WiFi to create secure connections) or use as a WiFi-to-Ethernet adapter for non-WiFi devices. offers wireless rentals for your business event, including the MBR95. In fact, we’ve rented out more than a few of these devices to some of the biggest companies in the country. So how could one of these rentals benefit you?

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One of our customers rented two MBR95 routers to assist in processing applications. They turned a warehouse into a remote WiFi hub and connected 60 laptops to these routers. This allowed employees to process more than 5,000 applications in no time at all!

These types of rentals are also perfect for things like temporary offices, classroom sessions or for training new employees on company software or tech. In addition to that, this device is also good for conventions and trade shows. Now that convention centers aren’t allowed to block WiFi access, you can use these devices to boost your WiFi capabilities, making your booth very popular among attendees.

There is also a newer version of the MBR95 and that is the MBR1200. The MBR1200 enables easy-to-install wireless connectivity in small businesses and remote offices. This device is perfect for small businesses, temporary command centers, home offices, and mobile networks, providing wired Ethernet and 3G/4G wireless WAN connectivity.

Whatever your needs are, a wireless router rental from Rentacomputer is your perfect solution! With rental products like the MBR95 and MBR1200 you can guarantee that your wireless rental needs will be fulfilled!

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