The I’M App Opens The Realm Of Discovery For Event Professionals

An App that Takes You Beyond Personalization to the Realm of Discovery



You’re on vacation in Oregon in a pristine National Park. Your family is getting ready for the day but just a little bit bored. For the fun of it, you check your iPhone to see if someone local knows of something unusual happening—right here in the park—right now.

You click on your “I’M” app—and lo and behold—another user has stumbled upon an unknown waterfall and posts the location. You follow their map in to the waterfall. Day off to a great start!

Last summer, that’s precisely what Robb Brock did using—the FREE app that his company is developing. People call it the “I’M” app, but the address——has no apostrophe.

It’s iOS and Android compatible and available through the App Store or Google Play

Google Play

Robb’s company designed the app for people who go to conferences, sporting events and concerts. It’s an anonymous way to learn about exciting things-to-see wherever you are in real-time. It’s perfect for the Super Bowl, an event that happens in a different place every year. works ANYWHERE on the globe—in the city or the great outdoors— anywhere you can get a mobile signal and other I’M users are posting.

This app is perfect for the Event Planner who wants to amp up attendee experiences to one-of-a-kind adventures.  I’M content is NOT curated like YELP or Epicurious. You get unrepeatable, spontaneous opportunities for discovery.

IM everywhere

A little History

Three years ago, Robb Brock took over as CTO of At the time, the company was developing it as a private, Facebook-like platform.

It wasn’t working because access was limited to private groups. In November 2015, he launched the app making it Instagram and Twitter compatible, but found that he had to pivot because the content from Instagram and Twitter was just not the quality desired. The Twitter posts were 90% recruiters trying to scout talent. He fixed that.

Now the team is preparing for a new release. Version 2.0 upgrades:

  •  Post original content
  •  App now starts in camera mode
  •  Map and pick location feature
  • Indicate other users on the map
  • Direct messaging?

Users can anonymously ask each other questions. Is it crowded? Was there traffic? How’s the parking?
It doesn’t get more real-time than that.

Serendipity (1) is what it’s all about—connecting you to what’s happening around you while it’s happening. is committed to supporting apps development businesses to meet and exceed customer expectations.

1. Serendipity – the occurrence of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

“The Three Princes of Serendip, a fairy tale in which the heroes were always making
discoveries, by accidents and sagacity of things they were in quest of.”

Sagacious – showing keen mental discernment and good judgment; shrewd.

~ The Oxford American Dictionary

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