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With the tastes and demands of consumers constantly changing, marketers are constantly trying new things to market their products, with an eye toward staying one step ahead of the competition. Due mostly to the desire to create more opportunities for connection between the customer and the product, marketing has become increasingly technology-driven. With marketing campaigns constantly changing, buying technology for these experimental marketing campaigns is impractical – due mostly to costs and tying yourself to using the same tech long-term. Don’t box yourself or your brand into a corner. Here are three advertising and marketing technology rentals you should be using in your experimental marketing efforts.

Virtual reality

Enabling brands to connect directly with customers and provide them with unforgettable experiences, virtual reality is quickly becoming a staple of experimental marketing. Most importantly, in the minds of your customers, virtual reality headset rentals allow you to transform your product from an idea into something more solid.

Whether your product is a new mop or a mobile game, VR lets potential customers interact with your product in a concrete form. Even if you’re selling mops, VR allows you to turn that seemingly mundane task into something more fun through gamification. And don’t forget to show off a little. Video wall rentals and television rentals allow those not wearing a headset to see what’s going on inside the simulation and generates excitement and interest for when it’s their turn.Young developers testing new product

Anheuser Busch made excellent use of virtual reality at the 2016 SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas with the Budweiser Beer Garage. The 4D virtual tour of Budweiser’s brewing plant allowed attendees to see, hear, and feel the brewing process thanks to virtual reality headsets and synchronized heating and cooling.

Smartphones and tablets

Adding a gamification element to your experimental marketing efforts can help set your product apart from your competitors. From geocaching to more traditional apps, integrating gaming elements into the marketing of your products can help customers develop a genuine connection with your brand that lasts far beyond the gaming experience.

Looking for ways to engage employees in training on new devices, Samsung developed an app that allowed employees to participate in device-specific training. For each completed training, employees received points that they could then use for purchases at a Samsung Pay pop-up shop. The result? One thousand employees had completed training on new product lines. When you’re ready to integrate gamification into your marketing campaigns, we have smartphone rentals and tablet rentals that will allow you to reach as many people as possible.

Displays and visuals

Display technology has long been a staple of marketing campaigns. From social media walls to projectors and video walls for branding, most customers expect an element of large-scale visual displays in a marketing campaign. So maybe it’s time to take your displays from static to interactive to help catch the attention of customers.

Display technology has long been a staple of marketing campaigns.

Launching a new flavor or color in your next product? Let your customers decide. Use touch screen television rentals or monitor rentals to let your customers or attendees have a voice. When you engage customers in making real decisions about products, they’re more likely to develop a sense of loyalty to your brand.

Google’s Building a Better Bay Area campaign in San Francisco invited the public to decide where Google’s philanthropy dollars would be directed in a very interactive and tangible way. Using interactive poster set up in bus shelters, restaurants, and at food truck rallies, Google gave the San Francisco residents the ability to vote for the causes closest to their hearts.

Don’t forget the basics

If you’re launching a technology-driven marketing campaign, it’s essential that you have the basics to support all that tech. Wi-Fi hotspot rentals help make sure that all of your users are able to quickly and consistently connect to the internet throughout the event and our high-performance server rentals are optimized to handle your VR needs.

Rentacomputer.com can meet all of your laptop, tablet, audiovisual, and Wi-Fi hotspot rental needs. Just let us know the equipment that you need and our technicians will ensure that all of your event technology rentals are delivered and set up on time at your event. We can even work with your venue to ensure that all of your rentals are compatible with any existing onsite equipment. Get a quote for all your equipment rental needs today!

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