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Companies around the globe are having a hard time ignoring the surge of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Many companies, like, are announcing plans to allow payment with these digital assets as their value continues to rise.

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are virtual money secured by cryptography that allows you to buy goods and services or trade.

This article will answer questions like: How do I get cryptocurrency? Where should I keep cryptocurrency? How do I pay for goods and services with crypto? Why get Coinbase Pro? 

Making Purchases with Crypto and Coinbase Pro*

How do I get cryptocurrency? 

You can buy cryptocurrency with a credit card, bank account, or in some cases through a process called “mining.” Crypto can be stored in a digital wallet online.

Where should I store crypto?

Due to the amount of theft from hackers via cryptocurrency exchange websites, it isn’t recommended to keep a significant amount of crypto tokens in hot wallets or on online exchange sites. In fact, $2.04 Billion has already been stolen in crypto — which amounts to $65 every second.

That’s why we recommend storing your cryptocurrency like bitcoin in cold storage — or offline wallets. That way, your crypto isn’t accessible to hackers via the Internet. 

How do I buy/sell with crypto via Coinbase?

On both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, all you need to do is fund the account, choose buy/sell, and specify the investment amount.

Why get Coinbase Pro?*

Coinbase offers simple consumer and professional trading platforms, Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, respectively. The similarity of their names along with “Pro” typically being synonymous with a subscription fee has caused some confusion. Although Coinbase Consumer was created to be simple and user-friendly, you’ll pay for the interface with significantly higher fees and no access to additional charts and data.

For example, if you buy $500 worth of BTC via Coinbase (Consumer) today via credit card, you’ll be charged a “Coinbase Fee” of $19.18, which is 4.0%.

If you choose to buy the same amount ($500) on Coinbase Pro, you’ll pay a fee of only $2.50, which is 0.5%. With the consumer version you’re paying extra for simplicity — go with Coinbase Pro.

The First Technology Rental Company to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Incorporated in 1987 as Rent-A-Computer, has always tried to stay on the cutting edge. In fact, in 1996 Rent-A-Computer was the first major technology rental company to register its domain on the world wide web — which is now more commonly known as the internet. By 1999 Rent-A-Computer officially changed its legal name to after increasing success with marketing and contracting on the world wide web. Today the small company that began serving the greater Miami Valley area has grown to a business that has access to the most extensive rental inventory globally and serves clients from California to Germany — and almost everywhere in between.

Keeping true to their roots, is on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency payments. Once the first technology rental company to register on the internet, is now the first company to accept payment for technology rentals and services via cryptocurrency.

Get A Rental Quote

If you qualify for net terms, you can now make rental agreements using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

To determine if you are eligible for net terms and able to pay for rentals using crypto, speak with a rental representative known as a Tech Travel Agent today. You can call to talk in person or fill out a quote and we will respond via email. We also have agents available via LiveChat. already accepts various forms of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin, and we expect to add Cardano soon!

Are you a vendor and looking to be paid in crypto? 

Contact us today to find out more!

Are transaction fees that much lower with cryptocurrency than using credit?

While credit card companies charge fees of 0.5% to up to 5%, plus a 20 to 30 percent flat fee for each transaction made. When using bitcoin or other cryptos to make payments to, payments can be sent and received at a very low cost or none at all. In fact, the most we’ll ever charge for an expedited cryptocurrency transfer is 0.5%.

About has a large stock of equipment ready to deliver that includes laptopsdesktop computersserverstabletssmartphonesWiFi hotspotsAudio Visual equipment, and more. Not only can we deliver your rentals, but we also offer custom configuration and setup, so you know everything is in working order before, during, and after your event or project.

Furthermore, we can answer any questions you have about Wireless Internet equipment rentals–for any crowd volume, in any venue. Contact us today at 1-800-736-8772 or fill out a quick, easy online quote form.

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*We are a Business to Business (B2B) rental firm. All rental orders must be placed by an authorized representative of a qualified business. First-time business customers are screened for compliance to ensure the order is legitimate and authorized. In short, you must be a business that has been established for a minimum of 2 years with an email address connected to a corotate domain and a ship to address that also meets our requirements. To see the full requirements, visit our Requirements to Rent page.


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