An uptick in hiring provides need for “reskilling” the new workforce


Economic recovery surges post-pandemic

The job market has bounced back faster than many experts predicted, with 943,000 nonfarm payroll jobs being created by the end of July. After a historic high unemployment rate of 14.8% in April 2020, notable gains in sectors like leisure, hospitality, local government, education, and professional and business services have managed to get the unemployment rate back down to as low as 5.4% in just over a year.

As the economy continues to recover, you may be wondering what the most resilient industries and fields are as the current crisis winds down. Grocery stores, delivery services, retail via delivery, and DIY home repair have always been resilient, so we can expect similar performance in this case. Experts also predict mini-booms in industries like healthcare, physical therapy, and other industries where demand has been postponed by the pandemic.

For example, elective procedures that have been put off during the pandemic, like plastic surgery, knee replacements, or other optional operations should see a boom post-pandemic as people start to become more confident in recovery from the pandemic.

Perhaps the big question many people are asking is: Has the pandemic permanently shifted a larger share of our consumer spending to online retailers and services? If this is true, skills related to e-commerce will be in more and more demand as the economy continues to recover from the pandemic.

A strong recovery in the labor market could have lasting implications for the federal budget and economy overall, but certain groups of workers are still struggling to find jobs, and employers are having trouble filling empty positions. This mismatch between available jobs, skills, and location are a strong indicator that there remains more to be done for our economy to continue to recover.

More new jobs mean more training

The labor market continues its recovery as notable job gains occurred in professional and business services, transportation and warehousing, private education, manufacturing, and other services for the month of August, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The same bureau reported monthly job growth of 586,000 so far this year. 

As we start to reach the inevitable post-pandemic scenario, it’s important to understand that education has more or less moved on from its traditional setup, and “reskilling” is vital in this economy. As the world adopts a digital standard, it’s important to polish old skills and learn new ones — which is why we can expect a boom in training classes across all industries.

Equip your training class

technology rentals for training


 With so many companies hiring and so many unemployed and looking for work, there has been a surge in training classes both online and in person. Setting up a temporary classroom for training employees on your company’s software and procedures can be expensive, which is why we recommend contacting a technology rental provider like

With a full-service rental company, you’ll receive an easy and cost-effective solution for this temporary necessity. Not only will you save time and money by having all of your machines preloaded with your company software, but you also get a range of other services.

Along with your technology equipment rental, you’ll also have a full slate of technical services for training groups of every size at your disposal. offers setup and on-site troubleshooting services for all of our equipment — they will work to make every step of the rental process as streamlined as possible.

Computer technicians can be scheduled before, after, and during your company training class. Additionally, if a problem does occur, computer technicians can be dispatched to you at a moment’s notice — and our technicians carry replacement parts and equipment to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Even if you’re not sure how large your training class will be,’s technology rental agents work to handle any increase or decrease in training group size and equipment. With our account managers, a change or additional delivery is merely a phone call or email away.

More than a rental company

With, you get all of your equipment preconfigured with any training programs, data, and software before it is delivered and installed — meaning your training class will go exactly as you planned.

Even if you own all the equipment you need for a training session, you can save money by using our installation services. Consider the value of your time, and add in the costs to buy computer equipment, the logistics and storage of the equipment, repair costs, and depreciation. If you consider all of these costs, you will find that renting computer equipment for classroom training is not only the easiest solution for trainers, but it is also a great value.

Tech Travel Agent Randy MooreIf you’re not sure what equipment you need, or if you have any additional questions, contact one of our friendly technology rental representatives today! Someone like Randy, our senior sales rep, will walk you through the rental process, including equipment selection, imaging, delivery, installation, troubleshooting, and returns! It’s as simple as that.

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