NVIDIA GTC 2021 — The Must-Attend AI Conference

  • Must-see keynote speaker – NVIDIA CEO and Founder Jensen Huang
  • 4 days of inspiring experiences
  • Over 20 hands-on training sessions
  • Over 70 startup-led sessions
  • Over 300 NVIDIA experts
  • Over 500 inspiring sessions
  • Over 600 Invited Industry and Academic Speakers
  • Over 200,000 worldwide participants

NVIDIA GTC will begin on November 8th at 3 AM EST and end on November 12 at 2:45 AM EST. Rebroadcast times and on-demand sessions will be available.


NVIDIA GTC is a global online experience that brings together thousands of innovators, researchers, thought leaders, and decision-makers who are helping shape our world through the power of AI, computer graphics, data science, and more. The must-attend AI Conference of 2021 will include 500+ sessions encompassing technical, business strategy, and sessions designed to accelerate tech careers.

The Premier AI conference will see more than a quarter of a million developers, researchers, innovators, and creators gearing up for NVIDIA GTC which begins on November 8, 2021. This four-day event will highlight some of the latest and greatest developments in AI, deep learning, data science, high-performance computing (HPC), robotics, data science, networking, graphics, and more. Called the “place to be if you’re a developer, data scientist, or business person interested in AI and machine learning (ML)” by Forbes, this event will be help exclusively online broadcasting from San Jose, CA.

GTC provides a promising opportunity for developers to learn some of the advancements in the latest technologies from the world’s greatest innovators, scientists, and researchers. On top of that, participants will have a unique opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with dozens of startups, academia, and some of the largest enterprises in the world beginning on November 8th. Continue reading to find out about GTC’s keynote speaker, other not-to-miss speakers, live participants, featured sessions, and to learn about this year’s focus on startups and educational content.

Keynote Speaker

The Keynote speaker, Jensen Huang, is the Founder, President, and CEO of NVIDIA Corporation. Named one of the most influential people of 2021, Huang is expected to inspire and showcase the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, as well as new solutions and the latest products that will help combat the world’s most difficult problems. NVIDIA is predicted to surpass Apple’s valuation as the AI economy will be four times larger than the mobile economy that drove Apple in five years’ time – truly making Huang one of the most influential decision-makers of the modern age. Catch Jensen Huang’s keynote speech on November 9, at 1:30 PM IST (9:00 AM CET) or the rebroadcast at 8:00 AM PST (11:00 AM EST).

Top Speakers

While you can catch NVIDIA GTC’s featured speakers on the GTC Sessions Page and learn about the sessions they will provide, it’s worth mentioning the exciting lineup of other speakers that will feature at the world’s #1 AI conference. This inspiring lineup will include preeminent AI researchers and pioneers of deep learning, data science, high-performance computing, graphics, and more.

Some speakers to look forward to at GTC 2021 are:

Dr. Fie-Fie Li — a professor at Standford University, Dr. Fei-Fei Li is also the inventor of ImageNet and ImageNet Challenge, a critical large-scale dataset and benchmarking effort that has helped contribute to the latest development in deep learning and artificial intelligence. She is also a national advocate for diversity in STEM and AI. In her live session at GTC, Dr. Li will discuss her research with ambient intelligence. Ambient intelligence is the element of a pervasive computing environment that enables it to interact with and respond appropriately to the humans in that environment. Some examples of ambient intelligence available today are Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa – devices that automatically respond to a person’s voice.

Ilya Sutskever — the co-founder and chief scientist at OpenAI – an artificial intelligence research laboratory – will be live at GTC discussing the history of deep learning, what it can do today, and what the future might hold. Deep learning is a type of machine learning based on artificial neural networks in which multiple layers of processing are used to extract progressively higher-level features from data.

Dr. Anima Anandkumar — the director of Machine Learning (ML) research at NVIDIA and Bren professor at Caltech has conducted research that spans both theoretical and practical aspects of machine learning. Dr. Anandkumar will be presenting new and exciting advances in AI that build new foundations applicable to a wide array of problems such as fluid dynamics and quantum chemistry.

There will also be many other influencers who will be participating live this year at GTC 2021 including:

Michael Kagan – NVIDIA, CTO 

Gal Chechik – NVIDIA, Director of AI

Tim Sweeney – Epic Games, CEO & Founder

David Baker – the University of Washington, Professor of Biochemistry

Adam Rashid – JBG Smith, SVP, Smart Cities Practice

Alan Bekker – Snap Inc., Head of Conversational AI

Beena Ammanath – Deloitte AI Institute, Executive Director

Paul Newman – Professor & CTO, Oxbotica

Nir Zuk – Palo Alto Networks, Founder & CTO

Vijay Narayanan -ServiceNow, Chief AI Officer

Steve Walker – Lockheed Martin, CTO, Director

Are you looking for more details of the sessions and talks by the industry’s top experts? Register for GTC and refer to the session catalog and click on the sessions that you’re interested in to add them to your schedule to watch live or on-demand.

This year’s focus – Startups and Educational Content

NVIDIA will give a special emphasis to startups at this year’s GTC Online Event. A startup accelerator called NVIDIA Inception will be hosting a full session at GTC which is curated to educate, inform, and cultivate new startups that are revolutionizing industries around the world. Over 70 startups will be presenting this year, including prominent founders and well-known industry partners. Topics will include conversational AI, autonomous systems, drug discovery, emerging markets, and more.

GTC Online attendees will get the chance to build their skills with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI). This program offers educational resources for anyone who wants to learn about artificial intelligence. GTC’s Deep Learning Institute session will include a full day of training workshops, ranging from beginner to advanced, in four languages and across several time zones. These training workshops will include Fundamentals of Deep Learning, Scaling CUDA C++ Applications to Multiple Nodes, Accelerating Data Engineering Pipelines, and Applications of AI for Predictive Maintenance. These courses will be available at $99 early bird pricing.

Summing it up

NVIDIA has outlined GTC as an all-inclusive event available to virtually anyone, anywhere on the planet. This year’s sessions are aimed to inspire developers, researchers, scientists, educators, professionals, and students. Whether you’re a CTO, developer, student, or industry veteran, GTC is sure to offer plenty of opportunities at this one-of-a-kind AI conference. You can register for NVIDIA GTC 2021 here.

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