iPhone 14 and iPad rumors

Two new Apple products are slated for a release, so hold off on upgrading your iPhones and iPads until after they are on the market. Both devices are expected to launch with a variety of exciting upgrades later this year.

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iPhone 14

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 14 at a launch event on September 7th, with sales of the rumored iPhone starting on September 16th.

This rollout plan follows Apple’s new policy of rolling out new products to consumers about a week after they are officially unveiled to the public. According to the report, Apple Store employees have been told to prepare for a “major new product release” on September 16th – which leads us to believe that is the iPhone 14.

According to the same report, the company will stream the launch event rather than hosting it in person – much like it has throughout the pandemic.

Although Apple wasn’t available for comment about the potential release date of the expected iPhone 14, previous iterations have been launched in early September, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday with sales starting on the Friday of the following week. For example, Apple’s iPhone 13 event was held on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, and the phones went on sale on Friday, September 24.


The iPhone 14 is expected to feature the same 6.1-inch screen as the iPhone 13, with a 6.7-inch Pro Max model available as well. Due to sluggish sales, Apple is reportedly dropping the 5.4-inch Mini iPhone.

You can expect a notchless display and a 48-megapixel camera on the Pro model, among other new features.

Rumored to be more expensive, you can expect the iPhone 14 to come with a $100 price hike. Which is expected since there weren’t any price changes between the iPhone 12 and 13.

New iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches are also expected to launch this fall.

Want to keep reading about the iPhone 14? Here’s everything you need to know about iOS16.

iPad 2022 (Entry Level)

While Apple has recently targeted the back-to-school crowd with a MacBook Air and M2 chip – coming with a better camera and display – the iPad lineup is still due for a 2022 upgrade. While the mid-range iPad Air got an M1 chip back in the spring, the entry-level iPad and iPad Pro are still awaiting new upgrades.

Similar to years previous, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone (mentioned above) in September and a new line of iPads in October. We expect the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch to launch together in September, while the iPad launch will likely be saved for October along with an update to iPadOS 16.

Here’s what we can expect from the new Entry-level iPad:

Based on reports from 9to5Mac, the newly designed entry-level iPad should include flatter edges, a curved-corner display, USB-C charging, and a side-placed Touch ID button – bringing the device in line with the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models.

We also expect the base-level iPad to receive an upgraded A14 chip that was in the last-gen iPad Air. This is better than the A13 on the current base model, and not quite as good as the M1 featured on iPad Air and Pro models. If this is accurate, that means the basic iPad won’t be able to use the extra Stage Manager multitasking modes available in iPadOS 16.

Similar to a few years ago, the iPad is expected to adopt a body design similar to the iPad Air – which could allow it to work with the second-gen Pencil and Apple’s line of Magic Keyboard cases. It could also get optional 5G cellular, which would be an upgrade over LTE options on current base iPads.

Since we’ve seen product price upticks due to inflation, we can expect the same thing to happen for the most affordable iPad.

iPad Pro 2022

As the iPad Pro hasn’t been updated since spring 2021, when they added 5G, an M1 chip, and a Mini LED display for the 12.9-inch version, we can expect an October launch date for the new model.

Reports also indicate that the iPad Pros will include the M2 chip that was recently launched in the MacBook line.

Some other rumors are:

Fixing camera placement. A common problem with iPad users is the front-facing camera placement. The problem is when you’re using landscape mode in a video call, the cameras are located off to the side. Since this is the most common orientation for using an iPad, this is definitely something that should be addressed. Although Apple’s zoom-in Center Stage camera technology helps a little bit when it comes to orientation, it doesn’t address issues regarding eye contact. Although it would be great to have a camera on the longer edge, it seems unlikely since the camera placement didn’t shift for the latest iPad Air released earlier this year.

Improved Magic Keyboard. Apple’s two-year-old Magic Keyboard has some shortcomings: no row of function keys, and no folding back into folio-type orientation for reading or sketching (you have to remove the keyboard). An upgraded model with function keys and an added USB-C port makes sense.

New Apple Pencil. Apple’s now second-gen Pencil is long and awkward to store. It would make sense for Apple to consider a more compact pencil, along with adding features like programmable touch-sensitive functions.

MagSafe. Rumors circling on 9to5Mac indicate that the iPad Pro models could be adding wireless charging. It’s possible they are adding a MagSafe charging as it’s been used in Apple’s recent MacBook Pros, iMacs, and iPhones. The only problem is, that every device has a different MagSafe charger/charging port. We wouldn’t put it past Apple to create yet another unique accessory for the latest iPad Pro, unique from the iPhone and MacBook versions.

Screen size. While a report from MacRumors suggests two of Apple’s suppliers are preparing OLED displays in larger sizes (up to 15 inches) for future iPad models, these bigger Pro tablets aren’t expected to arrive until 2023 or 2024.

Battery life. Although the base model iPads provide plenty of battery for basic operations, the iPad Pro’s more resource-intensive tasks and keyboard cases could mean a useful battery upgrade is on the horizon. As the MacBook Air currently outperforms the iPad in battery performance, it would make sense for the latest iPad Pro to play catch up.

Take it from us, hold off on buying new Apple tech until the new stuff releases. Not only will you be able to get your hands on the latest equipment, but the old equipment should also drop in price.

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