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Is the SAT online? The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) has been taken on paper for many years. However, with the changing digital landscape and the evolution of education, students can soon take the SAT online. According to the College Board, students can take the digital SAT starting in 2024 in the United States. What does that mean for institutions that host SAT testing?

As students prepare for the upcoming digital SAT testing, many institutions hosting these tests and assisting with preparations wonder about meeting digital SAT device standards and requirements. Additionally, the vast number of SAT electronics required and ensuring they are approved means you may want to consider the value of convenient SAT device rental.

Thankfully, has extensive experience in offering quality laptop rentals for various purposes and is here to help you understand the online SAT process and technological requirements.

Understanding SAT Laptop Rentals

When organizing an event as important as digital SAT testing, it is essential to understand how technology rentals work, their benefits and the needs SAT laptop rentals fulfill.

Addressing Tech Needs With SAT Laptop Rentals

SAT electronics come in various shapes and sizes, and according to the basic College Board device requirements, students can use tablets, iPads, Mac or Windows laptops and school-managed Chromebooks. Students may not use personal Chromebooks, so it is wise to check if the school manages the Chromebook or not. Schools may wish to offer larger screens and laptops with advanced functions to accommodate a range of student needs.

The benefit of using SAT laptop rentals is that the institution is assured that all devices, whether a Mac laptop, Windows laptop or Chromebook, come preset with the required software, settings and hardware capabilities. During online SAT testing, it is imperative to have knowledgeable on-site IT services in case students or facilitators encounter any technical issues.

The College Board outlines minimum hardware and software requirements for each type of device. They also outline complementary SAT electronics such as mice and keyboards and discuss monitor and screen size and battery life. Using a technology provider such as, you can ensure everything on the technology readiness checklist is met.

Do You Bring Your Own Laptop to SAT?

According to the official College Board SAT terms and conditions, students may use their device or school-issued device as long as it is a Mac laptop or iPad, a Windows laptop or tablet — for Chromebooks, it must be school-managed. The devices must connect to the Wi-Fi reliably and meet minimum SAT electronics requirements.

Regarding what students must bring on test day to take the SAT online, the device must have the College Board Bluebook™ application installed and be fully charged. It is mentioned that students may bring a charging cable in case their device does not last the entire duration — however, this may not be a viable option.

The custom-built Bluebook™ testing application ensures exam integrity so that even if students use their private devices, there is digital compliance. The student can only access authorized software and materials, and the testing application helps ensure device authenticity and candidate identity. These and other measures help to enforce digital test security and fairness for online SAT testing.

Digital SAT Practice and Preparation

To ensure a successful digital SAT test day, students, educators and institutions must follow the steps outlined in the College Board’s digital SAT practice and preparation according to the prescribed timeline. With SAT device rental, you are assured of receiving up-to-date technology for your short-term use, which our certified technicians can set up and have ready for your students.

Choosing quality SAT laptop rental services preloaded with testing software will help ensure smooth digital preparation, as seen in these key steps which institutions can assist with:

  1. Ensure all laptops meet the minimum requirements: Ensure operating systems and software are current. See that complementary hardware, especially assistive technology, is compliant and functional.
  2. Download and install the Bluebook™ app: Students must download the official College Board Bluebook™ app before the test day. Preinstalling on rental laptops is a great solution.
  3. Sit a full-length practice test in Bluebook™: Two weeks before the actual test, students should take a practice test in the application to become comfortable with the interface and use.
  4. Complete exam setup to receive admission ticket: Five days before the test, students must complete the exam setup process, allowing them to receive their admission tickets to sit the actual SAT.
  5. Test the internet connectivity: It is wise to test the internet and run any necessary diagnostics before test day since the digital SAT requires strong and stable internet without interruptions.
  6. Charge all laptops for test day: Students have a lot to think about regarding the test, and it is easy to forget to charge a laptop or bring an adapter — institutions can eliminate this stress.

Effective Use of SAT Laptop Rentals

SAT device rental is a short-term investment that allows institutions and their students to enjoy the benefits of quality SAT electronics at a fraction of the cost of buying the equipment.

Strategies for Effective Use of SAT Laptop Rentals in Institutions

So we know that institutions like yours can rent SAT electronics, but how does this benefit the institution? Additionally, how can institutions effectively utilize SAT laptop rentals to see the most value and return on investment? There are several ways you can capitalize on and benefit from SAT device rental, such as:

  • Equal access and opportunity: Some students are likely more fortunate than others, but by renting laptops with the same high-quality offering for all, you enable more students to take the digital SAT with equitable equipment, promoting fairness.
  • Logistical and administrative ease: If some students use private laptops, some use school-issued and others rent their own, it can quickly become tricky. With standardized and uniform laptops, all set up with the required software, your job is made easier by streamlining the process.
  • Adaptive capacity: Even if an institution has a number of its own SAT electronics, student numbers may fluctuate year on year and at times, you may need more or fewer devices — by using laptop rental services, you can guarantee that you always meet the expected need.
  • Specialized student needs: Whether a student requires assistive technology or elements that offer special modification, institutions can include these requirements in their technology rental order to accommodate all students effectively.
  • Improved test integrity: With SAT device rental, you can ensure all laptops and other devices are fully compliant and that the software and settings align with College Board requirements to further prevent cheating and promote test security.

SAT Registration and Testing Terms

When students hope to sit the digital SAT, they must comply with the College Board’s SAT terms and conditions as it outlines the parameters regarding procedures and rules. To register for the SAT, students must follow a few simple steps while keeping the digital SAT registration test day guide in mind to ensure successful registration. To register, students need to:

  1. Head to the College Board’s official website to create an account.
  2. Select the applicable test center and test date — it is essential to see which centers and dates offer the digital SAT in the U.S.
  3. Confirm test details and pay the fee outlined in the list of SAT registration fees or request a fee waiver if eligible.
  4. Start preparing for the digital SAT day — this includes practicing for the test, following the timeline requirements and knowing what to bring along on the day.

Institutions that use quality SAT laptop rental services help to ease the registration process by offering:

  • Efficient and centralized registration: With all the rental SAT laptops on a central network and in the same locations, institutions have central management and can quickly assist with registration and data management to see all students successfully register.
  • Easy accessibility: Students who do not have access to a laptop or computer can utilize one of the rental laptops to complete the digital SAT registration process without issues.
  • Compliant technical requirements: You can have all the rental laptops preset with the necessary settings and software. Students will not face compatibility issues such as outdated operating systems or insufficient hardware, as they might with personal devices.
  • Consistent user experience: You can standardize all the rental laptops with the needed websites and resources for SAT registration so that all students follow a uniform registration completion without deviation.
  • Supportive technical assistance: Students cannot afford to experience technical difficulties during registration. However, in-house or experienced contracted IT support can offer swift and accurate assistance if they do.

SAT Laptop Rentals vs. Buying 

There is no doubt that institutions might consider purchasing SAT laptops outright. In some instances, this is a viable option, but how does buying laptops and hardware compare to short-term renting?

A Comparative Analysis

Apart from the level of convenience, one certainly has to consider other aspects, including upfront investment, maintenance and other related cost factors. Let’s examine the pros and cons of renting vs. buying laptops for digital SAT testing.

If you wish to gain a set number of laptops for long-term and ongoing use, it is ideal to foot the substantial upfront costs, as long-term rental is often not feasible. As an institution that facilitates digital SAT testing and requires many laptops at the approved standards for set periods, consider how rentals work and the SAT laptop rental cost breakdown, as it is a better option in most cases.

Why Choose for SAT Laptop Rentals

When selecting a technology provider, you need one that is reputable, provides fair laptop and equipment rental pricing, ensures prompt deliveries and offers all the required equipment, including the approved digital SAT testing devices — delivers all this and more. We also issue Frequent Reward Points for return customers, allowing you to save on future rentals!

As an institution offering SAT testing, you will likely require extensive equipment repeatedly. The primary equipment and software you will likely need for the digital SAT testing are:

  • Approved laptops
  • Reliable internet
  • Effective firewalls and internet security
  • Dependable printers
  • Backup power source
  • Easy-to-use audio-visual equipment

At, we offer more than laptop rentals to help ensure all your technology needs are met for digital SAT testing by providing a broad range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Testing center services: including preloading testing software such as Bluebook™ on rentals
  • On-site IT services: including network, system and equipment configuration
  • Exhibitor services and event production: including audio-visual assets to ensure all vital information and announcements are seen and heard

When you choose to use Rentacomputer.comthe technology renting process is quick and straightforward and works as follows:

  1. You contact us and request a quote.
  2. We send you a formal quote to review and confirm.
  3. We prepare all the equipment according to the request outline and specifications.
  4. The quality-assessed equipment gets shipped to you with setup assistance available on request.
  5. You return the equipment to us once the SAT testing is complete. Your Reliable Partner for SAT Laptop Rentals 

When hosting the digital SAT, you want everything to run smoothly and effectively without technical mishaps or complications due to unapproved and incompatible laptops. You can simplify the process for facilitators, educators and students by selecting from various quality rental laptops at, which we can prepare specifically for the digital SAT testing.

You can facilitate your entire digital SAT testing event with our intuitive services, including Wi-Fi hotspot rental options for varying group sizes and our onsite IT service offerings to ensure all your technical requirements are met.

Once you know your equipment requirements, request a technology rental quote. We are happy to help answer questions or discuss your precise SAT testing equipment needs today!

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