The Who, What and Why of Mobile Polling Solutions

You have vowed this year to get rid of those pesky paper surveys but the cost of the polling app, use of mobile rental solutions and fear of change are holding you back. What if you started looking at the feedback/polling solution in a whole new light?

While I am not here to preach about specific feedback apps (of which there are many), the intent of this blog is to help you understand how you might use polling in more creative ways, all without the hassle of distributing, collecting and tallying paper surveys.

Who Uses Mobile Polling Apps?

Event Presenters to:

• Make their talk more interactive by taking questions and comments on the fly

• Reinforce key presentation points with knowledge based questions

• Poll the audience on what they think after the presentation is over

• Allow audience members to respond anonymously

Event Organizers to:

• Survey the audience about the event

• Provide feedback from participants, both live and remote attendees

• Have the system tally results instantaneously and allow them to make appropriate adjustments to the conference

Corporate Trainers for:

• Pre- and post-training testing to understand the level of knowledge transfer

• Real-time feedback on ideas and topics

Sales Managers to:

• Evaluate the team’s sales proficiency about products and services

• Survey clients at a conference about their level of satisfaction with the company and their sales reps

• Gain anonymous feedback about product concepts

Human Resource Managers for:

• Conducting employee polling about their knowledge level of new or existing policies

• Use for onboarding new hires

CEO or Board of Directors for:

• Voting on proposals and elections at annual meeting

• At an employee meeting, to ask about company morale and what can be done for better employee engagement

What are Mobile Polling Apps?

PowerPoint presentations running on projector rentals can easily integrate with polling apps that allow presenters and trainers to ask attendees interactive questions. These questions are usually typed into a PowerPoint slide and posed to the audience. The audience then uses their iPad rentals to respond to the questions in real time. Once the app receives all the responses, this data can be immediately displayed on a graph and/or stored in a report for future analysis.

Mobile polling apps are simple to set up, easy to learn and very intuitive. They consist of three things:

• The app such as:

Poll Everywhere



• Fast, secure and robust Wi-Fi and

• Mobile devices (such as tablets or smartphones)

Why Use Mobile Polling Apps?

Polling application allow for immediate gathering of important feedback. No paper to print, copy, ship and tally. No lag time in gathering feedback. And, most importantly, the number of respondents sharply increases because it easy to complete.

90% of planners agree that polling apps provide a mechanism to allow attendees to be more engaged, ask questions related to the presentations and are they are generally excited to be at the meeting when they have a vehicle to be heard. Has Mobile Solutions

Incorporate mobile polling solutions into your next meeting or conference and attendees will stay more focused and alert, maintain a higher level of interest, and participate in the presentation. Let work with you to provide a mobile feedback solution that is a real winner!

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